Thursday, September 30, 2004


The Legend of the Giant

The Legend of the Giant
“In the land of the Inukjuangmiut there once lived a giant who captured an Inuit hunter and carried him off inland
on his back. It was a long journey and the hunter contrived by various means to tire his captor so that the time
came when the giant was forced to lie down and rest. Once he was asleep, the hunter saw his chance, hacked
off the giant's head and made his escape.
But the giant's wife gave chase and caught up with the hunter. When she struck out at him he dodged behind
a rock and her blow smote the rock, splitting it in two. From the crack poured a mighty torrent of water that soon
formed a river. The woman, exhausted from the chase, stopped to drink from it and drank so much that she burst.
Thus did the Inuit hunter overcome his enemies and return to his family.
The river, which flows to this day, is called Inukjuak – the Giant. The settlement at it's mouth takes the same name
and those who live there are known as Inukjuangmiut – the People of the Inukjuak”.

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