Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Inuit Legends- Why There Are No Trees in the Arctic

Why There Are No Trees

One day as Kiviok traveled, he came upon a lake and as night was nearing, Kiviok made camp. Seeing how ice would form over the water, Kiviok decided to make a fire and so he took out his great axe and began to chop a tree for fuel.

As Kiviok chopped, a wood chip splashed into the water and a fish was born. The fish looking at Kiviok, mocked him and said he could see the sky as he looked up Kiviok's behind, for Kiviok was not much in substance.

Kiviok attempted to ignore the fish, but as more wood chips splashed into the water, they too became fish and mocked him even more.

Kiviok enraged began chopping everything, flying chips turned day to night while the sun was still up so much did Kiviok chop, and as each chip splashed into the lake, it turned into fish. Each different tree produced different kinds of fishes, from trout to char to grayling. Kiviok chopped and chopped when finally his rage abating, Kiviok looked around. Behold there were no more trees left, but all the lakes and seas were plentiful with fish.

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