Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Inuit Legends - The Weasel and the Muskox

The Weasel and the Muskox

One time during one of the seasons, much starvation spread across the land, so much so that there was nothing to eat. A group of hungry foxes spying a big fat muskox turned to the wolf and said, "Please go kill the muskox so that all of us can eat and we will survive."

The wolf responded, "I am too weak and cannot kill such a big animal."

Suddenly a small voice piped up, it was the weasel who said, "If you wish, I will kill the muskox and there will be food for all."

All the animals laughed at him for how could such a small insignificant animal, such as a weasel, harvest a muskox when the mighty wolf could not.

The little weasel went off, sneaking and creeping around the muskox, then swift as a striking snake, the weasel dug into the muskox's behind and the muskox bled to death. The weasel became a hero to the other starving animals for with his cunning he saved the day.

Moral: Even the smallest can triumph.

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