Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Inuit Legends - Two Shamans Contest

Two Shamans Contest

Once upon a time, in a large camp, lived a shaman. He was good and benevolent and had the power to change his form into whatever animal he wanted. He helped his people and was considered a fair and just man.

But in the camp lived another, a hunter who was jealous with the respect that the shaman had gained with the other people. Secretly, this hunter began to practice shamanism, after many months he had gained the power to shape shift too.

One evening when all were assembled for games, singing and contests, the evil hunter addressed the respected shaman.

"You are getting old shaman, and should be replaced." This was shouted over the din so all people could hear. The old shaman just smiled.

The evil hunter challenged the shaman to a contest, let us see this shape shifting ability of yours, perform for us. The shaman would not do so at first.

Finally, after being continuously harassed by the evil hunter the shaman agreed to a shapeshifting contest, no one knew that the evil hunter had gained the ability to change form.

The old shaman demonstrated his powers, first changing into a graceful bird, flying around the sky, then changing into a playful seal and finally, into a bear. All who were there clapped at this display of magic.

The evil hunter laughed and said, "Watch this."

He turned from sight and then turned back, before the assembly stood a man with a caribou head, so shocked was the man's wife and child, they dropped dead from fright. So grieved at what he did, the evil hunter forgot the magic words to transform back.

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