Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Inuit Legends - Origin of Mosquitoes

Origin of Mosquitoes

Once upon a time, there was a camp of Inuit, but it faced hard times, for there was no game nor was there fish or seals for the taking. Slowly, one by one the people starved to death except for two old women.

They survived by eating the lice found on each other. When eventually, a new group of Inuit arrived, they found all dead except the two old ladies.

Suspecting them of cannibalism, the old women were immediately killed and their stomachs cut open. Frightened, the lice grew wings and flew away and so the Mosquito was born.

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I lived in Winnipeg for 3 years where the mosquitoes are so big that they have landing gears. They calculated that if unprotected, you will get 13 bites per minute in the open. Don't like them, never will.
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