Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Inuit Legends-Kiviok, The Most Powerful Shaman

The Most Powerful Shaman

It is believed that shamans or angokoqs are made and not born with some inherent powers. To the Inuit, everyone is born equal but what you do during your life will determine your lot. It is believed that the spirit world looks down upon the people, and will see a potential shaman by the white light the breaks through the darkness of the nether world. The spirit will then approach the Inuit and ask to dwell within the warmth and the light, in exchange the spirit will endow the Inuit with the power that such a spirit can control. The greater the light, the more spirits will be attracted and so it will continue. This is what happened a long time ago when the land was new.

A shaman known as Kiviok allowed spirits his light and warmth, and so he was endowed with the powers, many spirits came and none but evil was turned away. So he became the most powerful shaman known and went on a great many adventures as he traveled the land.

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You seem very interesting about inuit civilisation could you tell me why

The question should be 'Why not be interested in the Inuit?'
They are the first people of Canada. They are an amazing race of people and I do appreciate their art and customs.The more we learn about the people of this planet, the better off we will be, a family living on this little blue planet.
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