Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Inuit Legends - History of these stories

Inuit Stories and legends

When time first began, it was believed by the Inuit who were the first people that all things, humans, animals, spirits, etc., could all talk one language and transform readily into various forms. Humans could become shaped like animals, animals to humans, etc. In many of the tales that grew from their culture, certain other species living in the Arctic are explained as coming into being in this manner.

Before the Inuit came in contact with what we refer to as church and state they had certainly developed their own meaning for family values, community, friendship, trust, safety, courage and fear, love and hate, care and respect for the elderly, good and evil, Arctic survival and so on. All these important things were passed on in stories as there was no written language then.

In reading these stories, which were told time and time again, hopefully we can begin to understand a tiny bit of the culture of these Arctic Nomads the Inuit, our friends and neighbours.

These are some of the samples that I have collected or been given. Please note that some tales may be somewhat different due to the various regions of the North they came from and of course the passing from person to person through time. Each time a tale is told it may change just a bit from grandmother to grandchild and over and over but the message or moral to be learned stays pretty well the same.

Enjoy and share them with others.

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